IP stack over RS485

Hi guys.

i would like to get the most from the RS485 Module.

I’ve 3 Gadgeteer boards connected with RS485 module.

I don’t want to reinvent the hot water, does exist an IP stack implementation that runs over this serial bus?

Does mIP would work? does exist a driver for RS485 and boards like cerberus and hydra would be able to manage such stack?

PPP for 2 points but not sure about multiple points.

I am sure you can modify mIP to make it work

@ Gus - About the PPP, I don’t recall ever finding a solution to this, but is there a list of the PPP commands that you guys implemented? Surely there is a pdf you all used that can be shared.

@ Mr. John Smith - We used PPP that was present in the lwip stack.

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