IP issues

I used MFDeploy to change the Static IP address on my Moutaineer Eth Mainboard. Plugged the Ethernet into our network but i can’t ping the IP address using the cmd window. I made sure to change the IP address when it was in the tiny Bootloader. Did i do something wrong or how can i fix this problem?

Are you sure both IP addresses are in the same subnet? Can you attempt a telnet to that IP and check your ARP cache to see if it found the MAC?

Command in windows is ‘arp -a’

Have not used this board, but do you have to enable Ethernet in the code?

With GHI Premium library the follow code is required.

if (!Ethernet.IsEnabled)
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I think this causes the problem: the device can’t reply to the ping command if you’re in bootloader mode. Did you reset the device after changing the IP to go back to the “normal” mode?

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Thanks for the input guys.

@ Corentin I didn’t realize that about the bootloader. I did reset it, (without trying? I just unplugged it and it changed back so i don’t know) but i have another mainboard that I haven’t been able to get it out of the bootloader. How do you change it from Bootloader to tinyclr?

@ Mike I don’t have the GHI Premium library however i used this instead

using Microsoft.SPOT.Net.NetworkInformation;

            NetworkInterface settings = NetworkInterface.GetAllNetworkInterfaces()[0];
            settings.EnableStaticIP("", "", "");

I don’t think that you have to enable it however.

@ Dr9 I think that was part of the issue. I had them on the same subnet but I think there were some sort of conflicting IP addresses. So i switched both my computer and the mainboard to and that i could ping it just like that.

A simple reset should be enough, as long as you don’t have the switch “SW” pressed while resetting the device. To make sure, remove all the modules, unplug the USB cable, and apply the power again.

However, you might have another problem if you dont get “Pinging… TinyCLR”: the image file may be missing. To load it again, follow the instruction here: http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=8565&page=1#msg85076

The image files (ER_CONFIG.hex and ER_FLASH.hex) can be downloaded here: http://www.mountaineer.org/app/download/6122024675/Mountaineer+Firmware+and+USB+Driver+4.2+QFE1+(Ethernet+Mainboard).zip?t=1346336893