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IotT and wearable SOM




The Intel Curie Module includes:
 Low-power, 32-bit Intel® Quark™ microcontroller
 384kB flash memory, 80kB SRAM
 Low-power, integrated DSP sensor hub with proprietary pattern matching accelerator
 Bluetooth Low Energy
 6-axis combo sensor with accelerometer and gyroscope
 Battery charging circuitry (PMIC)

No word on clock speed.


@ leforban - I wonder what the market entry costs will be.


I do not know but: “While Intel isn’t announcing pricing of its new chips, Bell said they will be shipping later this year and will be competitive to other options out there — mostly old, repurposed mobile chips. But Intel’s chips will have the benefit of being built just for wearables, and will focus a lot on battery management — which, given the fact that wearables are always sensing something, is probably the most important thing.”


Hmmm. Maybe this thing could run Cosmos as well?


LOL :slight_smile: Currently setting up Cosmos. Let’s see how that thing runs.