IoT Workshop with Brainpad

They don’t want to stop, it’s addicting…

Located in Microsoft Indonesia Office.


Do you use make code or all tinyclr?

Both, workshop agenda:

  1. Intro to brainpad with makecode
  2. How to develop embedded app (tinyclr) with vs2019
  3. Push data to azure IoT (simulator)
  4. Data viz using Power BI

I am really interested in seeing how you handle 3 and 4. Is there something you can share or can you tell us more please?

Nothing new,

Step for no.3

  1. Create Azure IoT Hub in Azure
  2. Create new device and get device connectionstring
  3. Get sample app from or you can use mqtt/amqp directly then change the device connectionstring
  4. Run/Deploy app

Step for no.4

  1. Provision Stream Analytic in Azure
  2. Get input from existing IoT Hub
  3. Set output to your power bi service
  4. Write query for retrieving data from iot hub data stream
  5. Open power bi service
  6. Click on data set that created by stream analytic
  7. Choose your visualization (chart)
  8. Drag your sensor data eg. (Temp, Timestamp) to the selected chart



Very cool. We will share this one

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