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IoT with FEZ rules them all


Hi RoSchmi,

Thanks for your reply! At ST there is still a living discussion about the SPWF04S but nobody seems to ask, May be it should be asked there?

I will upload to Githup teh additions to the GHI SPWF04S driver. I think I had to use GHI’s code sign assembly? This I had to remove first to be able to use the GHI driver VS 2017 solution.

The code to use the ST Socket Server I will post here. Here are some special thing to watch and use the WIND event in harmony.

Best Regards,


We have a lot of work done internally but can’t share anything yet. The guys made me promise.


Gus, Gus, Gus… When has this ever stopped you ?


Hi RoSchmi,

Should I ask at the ST forum about EOL of SPWF04S?

Also just discovered that the with STS command the status of “reset_reason” allways returns 4 (=hardware reset). Gives the FEZ board a hard reset to the Wifi module at power on?

Thanks for knowledge!



According to the eol report front ST a part used on their module has been eol’d.

Seems odd to me…


Somebody asked already… but with no answer from STM.

I don’t know. I’m just exploring the module myself.


Lol. I wish they can be at least honest about it.


I reckon…

It is not easy to find out why unless you know what to search for (SPWF04S PCN).

So from the PCN the part has “Standard Mutiple Source” with no suggested repleacement part…

Like i said… Odd