Iot Watcher

Using the Windows Iot Core Watcher I’d expect to see my PIs everytime I boot my windows 10 laptop where I have the watcher autostarted. But after a couple of days not a single PI is showing up anymore. Pinging the PIs does go and the admin web front goes as well, as long as you do it directly, so per command prompt ping or using :8080 in the browser.

Anyone with the same behavior ?

nah, don’t think so. the watcher used to work b4. And I didn’t change the firewall settings.

the watcher and the ping and the web are run on the same laptop

Make sure everything is on the same subdomain. I seem to have regular cases where my router decides (based on stuff my silly UVerse router does…) to change from 192.168.x.x subdomain to the 10.0.x.x and sometimes this means I end up with a mix of both addresses. When they are mixed those things can no longer see each other and I just have to request a new IP.

same network, ran watcher first no pis, than ran cmd to ping and they did, than the ip:8080 and web site runs I had to logon to continue but it works. All on the same laptop in the same network.

Do you have local network loopback enabled in your UWP app?

@ ianlee74 - not sure waht you mean by that, but the Devs are running their out of the box app and that were detectable last tuesday and now, friday, 3 days later, they don’t show up anymore. Oh, and btw, the alljoyn explorer does see the PIs.

Well, now I’m out of ideas… If AllJoyn Explorer can see it then there’s no other excuses I can think of.

@ ianlee74 - Of course a reboot does revive the PIs to show again, looking for an explanation why this behavior. Guess it is some hickup whatsoever, after all it is the first release, so I’d expect it to have flaws here and there.

yep, same over here, but I saw that behavior only in the alljoyn explorer. Not at first but later on.

The watcher is broadcast based. Start wireshark and see if you see UDP broadcasts from the Pi’s IP address. That will tell you if the problem is with the Pi and/or network, or with the watcher.

@ andre.m - I’ve set my pis to fixed ips and can easily append the 8080 port to go and use the web pages for whatever. So limited the dependency on the watcher …

That’ll do for the moment, I hope though we have a refresh coming out soon (okt. 6th ?).

Thanks for the reply.