IoT Pregnancy Test

Add the tweet to Dad that a pregnancy test was being taken, and I would have bought it.


@ Duke Nukem - :open_mouth:

This, of course, is ridiculous. However, it does add one more thing to the list of features I’d like from an intelligent toilet.


A Smart toilet eh? So it samples the water after the user uses it and then sends an email report of anything that isn’t normal? Such as being Pregnant. I like how you think Ian.

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Does it have a built in tablet that swings around in front of you and comes with wipes to keep it hygienic?

@ Dave McLaughlin - Na. All urgent notifications should be overlayed on the Brook Shields poster

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Wait. What? This is real? It was supposed to be a joke. It was supposed to stay a joke.


(Scroll down to the “A Bluetooth-connected pregnancy test” part)
Seems to do everything but tweet.

Hang on. How do those digital tests work? Could they detect other “problems” besides pregnancy (I wrote it that way on purpose :slight_smile: ). Could it detect kidney problems? Like when I had Dengue Fever, the evidence was in the urine. This could be a simple thing that says “Sample abnormal, see physican”. if it sent the data to a device over bluetooth then a person could call a doctor and give them the readings. This could be a fundamental thing to have in a medicine cabinet! Add a thermometer and you get the persons internal body temp as well.

Time for IoT underpants with sensors located in “critical places” :think:

Antenna could be located in hemstitch and the device could use pee-power as power source.

In this case, older people may take the opportunity to charge a secondary battery :-[

@ Bec a Fuel - I heard about that tech. Carbon Nano tube infused paper that can generate an electric charge from blood, sweat or urine. Imagine that. Using blood to power the matri…

Where is my red pill ?

Or should I take the blue one ? :think:

@ Bec a Fuel - To late your already heading down the rabbit hole.