IoT Labs Sneak Peek

So this is a sneak peek of a board under development at IoT Labs, designed by my partner, @ Justin (yes, that Justin). He calls it, “Radio Gaga”. I call it the “The Communicator”. It has 3 ways to communicate, WiFi, Bluetooth, 2.4 GHz. It will be previewed during Justin’s workshop in July. We’ll post more pictures after the boards arrive.

Processor: STM32F427
WiFi: Bluegiga WF121
2.4 GHz Wireless: RF Pipe
Bluetooth: Bluegiga BLE113
8 MB SPI Flash storage
USB Mass storage
Lipo Battery charging


It’s a very interesting board, perfect to experiment on the connection side of (IoT) things.

I really like the terminal blocks on the side of the board. Nice touch.

Any thoughts on if all those radios in close proximity interfere with each other? Wondering if it’s a non-issue or if you designed it with that in mind, etc…

I like the LOGO :slight_smile:

A hat-trick of 2.4GHz radios. All it needs now is a microwave :slight_smile: