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IoT? I think so, and look who's behind it


Now, I wonder what h/w they’re using? Any body know?


Galileo? :whistle:


This is an interesting statement:

Anybody know what this means?


Cortana is almost scary in how well it understands what you are saying (even with my Scottish eleven, no dammit I said accent) and I see this with more than Cortana as the Xbox one works pretty good as well so tie this into home automation and it really does start looking like the Jetson’s. Microsoft might be on the brink of making voice interfaces a reality (30+ years of research have to pay off somehow otherwise justification for dragging out and shooting researchers becomes trivial).


@ Duke Nukem -


@ hagster - Fantastic. The boss thought I was loosing it at I sat and watched this at my desk. Very funny (and probably true) :clap: