IoT Dx Blue and Lync

Setting the colour of a RGB pixel based on Lync status

On status change an event is fired and the current status is sent from the PC via BLE to the IoT Dx Blue which changes the RGB Ping Pong.

Same can be done with Skype.

All code done by me - @ Jay Jay had nothing todo with it…honest :whistle:


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Nice one. How about Google Talk status?

@ ianlee74 - yup

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Someone copied you

Given Tim Sone registered that site a couple of years ago…

Hey guys,

Sorry for being novice. however, I am not understanding this piece - IoT Dx Blue. I have order .Net Gadgeteer started kit and pretty excited to receive it. This IoT Dx Blue has excited me but just want to make sure I should buy this before I leave to my country.


These are not commercial devices (yet - although you are unlikely to be able to buy in the short term no matter what)

Is the code for this public?

yes of course :), it is based off the following:

get it here:

and other elated Lync code:


Brilliant thanks, will see if I can make something useful for work… :snooty: