IoT done properly

Yes, it has to be shrunk to a tenth of the size to be useful and I have yet to add the RTC battery but this is a highly accurate temperature sensor connected using AMQP to azure IoT Hub (although not as reliable as I would have hoped, probably due to the ENC28 )! It is location aware, has 802.3af (although not quite as integrated as needed yet (must get one off @ Architect for that, although I need the ability to breakout 12V/24V for certain sensors so may have to wait until ready for production design…) and the program is generic enough to work with a magnitude of different sensors!

The next concepts will probably be based on the Spider 2 to see if the Ethernet is any better and more portray the size it could be…



I hope to release my MAX31855 driver tomorrow, likely too late but I need to finish off that project and get onto others.

@ Duke Nukem - Unfortunately it has to work with 4 wire PT100’s for the moment as we have over 750 deployed in our current system so I had to go with the MAX31865. I am hoping that @ ianlee74 will have a new revision of his module available soon, but there are plenty of modules for the Arduino available with the same chip that are not as expensive as the one I have currently used in the picture…


@ networkfusion - Sorry I missed the ‘6’ making it a Max31865 and not a MAX31855.

If you need to order 750 then I’d be tempted to take a day off work to get that out the door :wink:

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@ ianlee74 - lol, if only it was that simple… Purchasing in my organisation is a nightmare if you are not UK VAT registered! so much so that I have to buy modules from small international suppliers out of my own wages!!! Needs must when you want to build something revolutionary ;D

@ networkfusion - Or shoot down the A1 to SG6 :whistle:

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You need to find a middle man for this. I know one if you need it. :slight_smile:

Busy day at the (still to be renovated, too busy doing this stuff) office!

and all of them are up and running semi reliably over AMQP to IoTHub (no easy feet I can tell you (wish 1: SDK 2015 R2 beta was released today, wish 2: IoTHub SDK NETMF AMQP support was checked in within a week))! Now just to get the rest of them all to display a graph like the RTD one does already!!!


Let the pre field testing begin


Looks like I need to drive up the A1 to the fancy lab! Looks very interesting…

If by up you mean north, you would definitely be going in the wrong direction
:stuck_out_tongue: I am very much south and west…

Now you’re talking! :dance:

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Oooo, cider country…
I will be down that way next week sampling the local produce :wink:

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@ Justin - unfortunately I will be at the iotexpo in London but any other time :wink:

I’ve got a batch that’s hitting the keg this weekend. Come on over. My keg is yours!

@ networkfusion - alas it will never be…after nearly 10 English winters it’s time to abandon Europe for good…so come the 21st it’s disco time.

@ ian - seems to know my Kryptonite…im sure I can change the flight bookings… :whistle: