IoT Chip Supports Five Networks

How cool is this?

"Imec claims its LPWA chip—co-developed with the Holst Center, a sister institute in the Netherlands—is the most integrated and lowest cost of its kind to date. The chip supports five nets that run in the 780-930 MHz ISM band and are geared for smart meters or smart cities—802.15.4g/k, LoRa, KNX-RF, Sigfox and Wireless M-Bus.

The SoC includes an RF front end, power management, an unidentified ARM core, 160 Kbytes SRAM and peripherals. It consumes just 8 milliWatts in receive mode and 113mW while transmitting at 13.5 dBm output power.

The chip has a -120 dBm sensitivity at 0.1% BER at 1 Kbit/second and a 105 dB dynamic range. Output power can be controlled at levels ranging from less than -40 dBm to 15 dBm.

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@ JSimoes - Very interesting. I wonder how much the Swiss Army Radio will cost.

@ Terrence, and you thought the telcos were freaking out and disrupting deliveries of the radio only chips… who will join the foray with this?


@ Brett - Rioting in the streets, social chaos and the eventual collapse of first world economies as the home grown networks battle big telco. :slight_smile: