IOIO for Android

Anybody seen this new gadget yet? [url][/url]. It turns your Android phone into an Arduino like controller. Very slick.

Would it be theoretically possible to do something similar for Windows 7 phones with a (new) FEZ style board like the mini? I’m guessing we would have to write some kind of interop between Silverlight (phone version) and NETMF. Does that sound doable?

Product Idea 8)

Microsoft research also released an application for WP7 that lets you write/run scripts right on the phone. I just downloaded it and have not played with it yet but I think being able to do things form your phone through a script would be ideal. In reality though I’m not sure risking a $200~$300 phone to do what you can do with a $50 microcontroller is ideal.


Yes FEZ has a USB host and so it can work just like IOIO