IO60P16 Module #of interruptable inputs

Are all inputs interruptable on the IO60P16 Module or only a certain few?

All pins of all ports can raise int to cpu. Also PWM can interrupt at particular setting. But you must poll registers/pins to know which is the source of int.

The driver I’m working on will have an OnInterrupt event for all pins that you can handle as you would any other InterruptPort pin :slight_smile:

Thanks Ian,
That is exactly what i’m looking for.
any guess when the driver will be released?
or perhaps a beta?

There have been some problems with the NETMF SoftwareI2C driver that have hindered completion. I’m moving back to 4.1 to try and get something out but it may still be a few weeks before a 4.2 version is working. You can follow the progress here:

The current bits are stored here but are still in a very early shape. Most everything to this point has been focused on just confirming basic level functionality. I hope to make a lot of progress over this long weekend. Stay tuned.