IO60P16 and interrupt

Hey there.

I’ve been searching high, low and now my hair is gone GRAY:-(

How do I get the IO60P16 to use interrupt.

I have the newest GHI SDK from 2014 and there is no support for interrupt on the module, I’ve seen some post on this subject but it refers to IO60P16Module which I cannot find in the GTM.GHIElectronics.IO60P16 dll.

I have tried the extension the Gadgeteer.Modules.IanLee has made but that screw up my Spider board.

Can it really be true that GHI does not have support for the IO60P16 in their latest SDK?
Both 4.2 and 4.3 does not seam to have support for this:-(

Please help so I can get my hair back to nearly blond:-)

Cheers from Martin from DK

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@ Martin Michaelsen - I edited your post to remove the profanity. While it is not strictly prohibited, we like to maintain a friendly environment for users of all ages :slight_smile:

It is true that we currently do not support the Interrupt ports. There is no known limitation that would prevent this from working, it is just not yet implemented. If this is a feature you require, I would suggest adding a Task Tracker item to request it’s implementation. In the mean time, if you have experience in doing so, the driver is open sourced and the datasheet for the chip can be located here:

Hey again.
Thanks for the answer. Maybe the lack of interrupt support should be added to the documentation then?
I am really sorry for the profanity. Really, I wasn’t trying to be :stuck_out_tongue:
Can you please elaborate (english is my second language:-P)

@ Martin Michaelsen - I will forward the request for a document note to Jeff and it should be up there soon. No problems about the profanity, we aren’t going to let the town stone you for the first offense :wink:

@ Martin Michaelsen -
Hi Martin, there are many long thread and discussion about IO60P16 chip and relative board.
If you want spend some time you can check them:

and others …

Ianlee made a good driver, but it isn’t in standard NETMF GHI distribution.

@ dobova
Thanx for your post.

I think I must look at Ians driver a little more.

Well I could listen for Interrupt on one of the other sockets. Still that would be a shame when you have all those IO’s on the IO60P16.