Introducing the SC13xxx Insider's Program

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SITCore SC13xxx expands the current SITCore SC20xxx to a whole new level of small and low power devices. How low?… Well, you will have to join the Insider’s Program by filling out the form or wait a few weeks (if you can resist) for the public announcement.

Insider’s Access Request Form

The plan is to hold for a week while we build up the new insider list and then we will email insider with some confidential info. Stay tuned and we will let you know here when the email is sent, in case it went to your spam folder.

We can’t wait to show you what we have been cooking for you!

You want to show more and the forum members want to see more, so we all agree on that level

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Have you joined the program yet? You really should or you will miss out on some real exciting FREE things!


Yes please :slight_smile:

Is that the Fez Pico?

That didn’t take long!!! Mike, give others a chance to think :grin:

FEZ quinqua

That looks awesome. But please, align the buttons…

This board really looks awesome. The low energy is wow!! The small formfactor is really welcome! The smaller the better (perhaps it could even loose a pin or two to make it even shorter?).

it’s only a few thou out by the looks, what’s the big deal ??!!


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It is triggering his OCD. :rofl:

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not more than it triggered the layout person tho. So who wins?? :slight_smile:

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did work hello world on it :rofl: