Introducing the G120E System on Module!

With over 6 years of great success, The EMX System on Module (SoM) has been one of our most successful products. Today, we bring you the next generation of the EMX SoM, named G120E.

The G120E SoM is a drop-in compatible upgrade for the EMX SoM. It runs at 120Mhz instead of 72Mhz and uses a Cortex-M3 instead of an ARM7. Applications will now run twice as fast with very minimal software changes. Also, unlike EMX but similar to G120, the G120E is going through CE/FCC testing.

The G120E and G120 SoMs both run the exact same software (requires SDK 2015 or newer). The main difference between the two products is that the G120E SoM includes an Ethernet PHY on-board and has more IOs. Using the same firmware allows us to focus better on adding features and improving the quality of the software.

Now to the best part, G120E SoM is priced at the same price as the EMX SoM. In other words, products running EMX SoM can now run twice as fast with the G120E SoM without any cost increase, utilizing a CE/FCC tested SoM!

The G120E Development System is the perfect place to start evaluating the G120E SoM. With all the features exposed, developing applications on the G120E Development Board saves a lot of time and shortens the time to market. This board is also useful for evaluating and developing for the G120 SoM, as the G120 and the G120E are nearly identical.

For current EMX SoM customers, no worries, the EMX SoM will be available through 2015 and will be slowly phased out in 2016. If you have any needs beyond 2015, please contact us with details on your product. Of course, the G120E SoM will just drop in your product so no hardware changes should be needed. However, some very minor changes will be needed in the software. You will also be required to use the 2015 SDK. We are also available to assist you in the upgrade process.

Public availability of the G120E and the G120E Development System is expected by mid 2015. Current 2015 SDK already supports the G120E SoM.

*** EDIT *** The G120E also includes a 32kHz crystal allowing for more pins to be exposed.

G120E SoM:
G120E Development System:
G120 SoM:
G120E Preliminary Brochure:


So do we see a new Spider in the future? The original was my first embedded board of any kind and still my favorite…


We actually have a spider with G120E on it to proof the concept that it is a drop in replacement.

I am not promising anything but you can imagine what comes next :smiley:

So this is 2 of the 3 new products you mentioned that the new SDK supports.

and “more probably than not” a Panda III

Is there anything else to look forward to? Or is now a good time to hibernate for the winter?

@ mtylerjr - oh we are just getting started, seriously!

Can you explain how two USB ports will work? Before it was either serial or USB debugging over the same port.

Nothing changed. I am not sure what you are referring to. Please explain.

@ Gus - I see “USB Debug” and “USB -> Serial”, while on Cobra II there is only one USB port.

@ iamin - one is USB and the other is COM1 connected to a serial to USB chip.

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Announce already!

Will there be a FEZ Cobra typed board with the G120E?

My company use the FEX Cobra I and II boards in production and love them for their form factor. Now only the ECO exists and where searching for alternatives with embedded LAN.

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@ lambert - everything is possible but note that G120E can simply be placed on cobra 1 and it would work.

Do you guys use the gadgeteer sockets? What for?

Is the G120E flush on the bottom? Are there components on the bottom?

@ Mr. John Smith - Flush on the bottom.


It says it has WIFI, but how is the WIFI implemented? Is there some sort of driver for a specific wifi adapter that works over SPI :wink: ?