Introducing the 400Mhz Gadgeteer FEZ Raptor!

You voted for it and here it is, the FEZ Raptor. Last week we asked you, the community, to vote on the name of a new Gadgeteer G400-S mainboard being released. The community member whose suggested name survived the final vote is BlackDogSpark. If you read the forum post you will see that Josh, a GHI employee had posted the name first but we didnt want him to win (shhh dont tell him) so we came across BlackDogSpark who had mentioned it a few pages later.

The new FEZ Raptor is based on the new and all powerful G400-S, making it the most powerful Gadgeteer mainboard yet. With 400Mhz, 128MB of RAM and 18 Gadgeteering sockets, it will surely be able to satisfy your most complex needs. Depending on the software, the G400 is 400Mhz with DDR memory and plenty of cache can be more than six times faster than the 200Mhz FEZ Hydra and up to 30 times faster than 72Mhz FEZ Spider.

FEZ Raptor is in prototyping now, with an early bird special available to our insiders. It is expected to be in full production in October 2013.

FEZ Raptor:
FEZ Raptor 3D PDF :
The name voting thread:
GHI Insiders :


I think im in love!
Nice one guys, cant wait to order one of these. :slight_smile:

Looks big, but sounds awesome!


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Ohoho … I need to renew my credit card … it seems pure power …

Show the back side please :wink:

use the 3D PDF and then you will see all sides :slight_smile:

I was hoping to get a picture of the artwork :wink:

FEZ Raptor is the exact same size as the T43 display. Couple standoffs and you have a display with raptor behind it!

How awesome is that?!

Pretty awesome! :smiley:

LOL we are working on it. We had a big argument over this trying to decide what the artwork will look like. Either way, it will look sexy!


what are the capabilities of the embedded LCD controller? Im guessing with this extra power it will support higher resolutions?

dipswitches for updating ?

@ HughB - The Atmel SAM9X35 datasheet says that the embedded LCD controller supports a max resolution of 800x600.

Woop woop cant wait for this board to come out, got lots of plans to expand my existing project. With 400Mhz and 128MB ram the sky is the limit :smiley:

Man, it just gets better and better! Only problem is that since I discovered Gadgeteer, my marriage under threat. (Apparently I spent too much time playing with my new toys. And I still have a couple left that I haven’t even touched yet).

But seriously… this will be one great main board. Can’t wait to order one.

Ha ha. Same here (spending time bit) but lucky to have an understanding SWMBO and as long as I leave my toys alone at the weekends I am allow as much time during the week as I want.

Wonder how many split ups have been attributed to it though?


Cool. Cant wait to get my hands on this board.

I have been waiting for this one.

R2 needs a new brain…

any news about when it will be available for purchase?