Introducing TECH TALK with Gus

Today we are excited to bring to you something new from the creative minds at GHI Electronics. What is this new creative adventure? Today, we would like to introduce [em]TECH TALK with Gus[/em]! This video series will be a weekly production that talks about the exciting world of technology. We have always wanted to create a set of videos that talk about our products and how to use them. Instead of creating standard tutorial videos, we thought we would like to make the videos engaging and entertaining. And quite frankly who is more fun and entertaining than our very own CEO Gus?!

Today’s introductory episode will be discussing the inspiration and plan behind our new studio and the [em]TECH TALK with Gus[/em] series. After today, we will be releasing [em]TECH TALK with Gus[/em] every Friday at 10am. Should you have any ideas that you wish to see covered in [em]TECH TALK with Gus[/em] please feel free to email us at techtalk@


Looking forward!

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Be sure to save the blooper reels for later review.


I would have found the start more believable had @ Gary been running the camera as then Gus would have been upside down, ie the usual space action shot.

Blah blah blah blah

@ Gary - Don’t study them. What you need to do is make a vertical video

You going to have to buy vertical TV to watch it. I don’t have a budget for it…

@ EvoMotors - Well of course, don’t you have a vertical screen? pftt. :smiley:

@ Mr. John Smith - But of course, all my screens are vertical when I’m lying down on the couch and watching TV


Episode 2 starts in 5,4,3,… ;D

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Hey guys, Here it is the first real episode.


perfect timing :slight_smile:


@ Gus - Really like the techtalk. I suggest that you make a menu entry to access these talks. Perhaps under Technology.
I may not want to use the small display today, but 6 months from now?
It would also be a great place to send a coworker to to learn about NETMF and other topics like your touch screens. Of course one could go to youtube, but then they are out of the GHI playground…

It will be added to the website, under community I think.

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