Introducing G400-D, the most advanced NETMF SoM yet!

The all new G400-D System on Module (SoM) hosts a 400Mhz ARM9 processor and 128MB DDR2, making it capable of running full blown operating systems like Android. The SoM comes standard with Microsofts .NET Micro Framework (NETMF) and GHIs premium libraries, no licensing and no royalties. NETMF allows G400-D to be programmed using the freely available Visual Studio Express, in C# and Visual Basic. With full debugging capability built-in using a USB cable there is no need for costly JTAG and IDEs.

This full-featured SoM is full of hardware capabilities from SPI, CAN, USB and UART busses to Analog and PWM signals. All fully supported by the provided software. The software also includes GHIs premium libraries bringing WiFi, SQLite, USB Host to your product with minimal efforts.

When compared to existing products, G400-D is a power house. It is about 20 times faster than EMX/G120 when doing floating point operations and about 12 times faster with normal operations. The LCD controller supports multilayer rendering for optimized user interfaces.

GHI Electronics didnt stop at a great product, we made it even better by keeping a compatible pinout with ChipworkX. Designs utilizing ChipworkX can switch to G400-D with little or no changes.

While G400-D packs loads of more features and processing power over ChipworkX, it comes at a lower price tag. No prices are set yet but expect to save 30% or more over ChipworkX prices. As for the release date, we expect to have the hardware ready to ship 2Q/2013. We will start by releasing a beta-tester kit in the near future, which includes G400-D and G400HDR. We still have a long list of related products that will be released, starting with G400HDR and a Gadgeteer mainboard, that will follow the release of G400-D SoM.

A demo video showing off G400-D

We are also introducing our new gadgeteer compatible Display T43, a 4.3 display with 480x272 pixels and a resistive touch screen. At under $100, this is must have module for any gadgeteer fan!

G400-D Module:
G400-D Brochure :
Display T43 Module:
System on Modules:
.NET Micro Framework:
.NET Gadgeteer:


AMAZING!!! :clap:


What does the “D” stand for?


Da best! :smiley:


T43 link is broken.



Lubly jubly, where do i sign…


I’ve been waiting for this :slight_smile: I will gladly signup for beta testing…

Great work GHI :slight_smile:

A big THANK YOU to the great crew at GHI !!!

I love the form factor! I’ve considered the G120 but wasn’t in love with the idea of soldering all those pins… RAM slot style design is fantastic.

Now when can I buy it?!? :smiley:

Is there some kind of ‘standard’ socket to plug this thing in?
When do you plan to release a full list of features, like number of UART’s, SPI, …

Search for:

DDR SO DIMM 200 socket

Yup, it’s like what Single Board Computers use for a RAM slot.

On the video Gus said : “… combatible with Chipworkx”, so I looked in the chipworkx manual.

The more I look at it the more I want it!

Time to start saving some lunch money! :smiley:

the g400 is a “game changer”.