Introducing FEZ Hydra and other 100% open-source .NET Gadgeteer Offers

@ andre.marschalek The goal of this board is low-cost + powerful + OSH. I think GHI nailed it about just right. What do you think?

Thanks for the feedback, Gus. Corrected.

You are missing socket types C and E in your table as well.

Good catch, Architect. Corrected.

I seriously can’t wait for this device. It’s debut is not a moment to soon :slight_smile:

I sure hope that bun in the oven is a ultra mini low cost Hydra module. I need a board that i can stick in my deices.

I guess you haven’t seen this

I just hope its small.

Gadgeteer isnt really meant to be small - the whole concept in my view is flexibility not smallness, with defined connectors for different types of connected device. Personally I think the next round of Gadgeteer devices are going to go up in speed like we’re seeing with Hydra, more connectors, and hopefully we’ll also get to see device specifics come down the line (ChipworkX and SQL Lite for instance).

Not entirely true :slight_smile: Stay tuned

small = less connectors which in theory means less prototyping (probably more correctly, less complex prototyping with fewer connected devices). But I think it’d be true to say we;re all hanging out to find out what the next big (little) announcement is :slight_smile:

I’m struggling to see why we need another Gadgeteer option at the present. Perhaps (and likely) GHI has ideas I haven’t considered yet, though. I was hoping for an upgrade of the Panda line but Gus’ comments don’t seem to indicate it.

Help me understand something here. Isn’t the gadgeteer concept basically to standardize the features and drivers available for modules through the connector types?

If so, why does the product info for the Hydra say that WiFI is through a XBEE module over a COM like interface when GHI has a true WiFi module using a S socket and the Hydra has two of these sockets?

It seems that the whole gadgeteer concept is plug and play like modules and if the Hydra has a socket S module and GHI sells a true WiFI socket S module, why isn’t it “the” way to do WiFi instead of the XBEE dumbed down COM over WiFi?

Gadgeteer is like USB, plug and play correct. There are millions of USB devices out there and millions of computers. They all work with each other but in some cases a device X may have drivers for windows but not for Linux. You can plug this X device in Linux and it will not damage anything but Linux wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Exact same thing here, WiFi RS21 module drivers are only provided on FEZ Spider and not on FEZ Hydra. You can plug WiFi RS21 module in Hydra safely but Hydra wouldn’t know with to do with it.

We are trying hard to stay away from modules that are specific to mainboards. So,this is true ONLY for the WiFi module due to NDA with RedPine. There are tens, and soon hundreds of modules and they all work on all mainbaords, even ones not made by GHI.

With that said, FEZ Hydra is open source, feel free to add support to any WiFi module you like or anything else for that matter. The more contribution we get from community and users like you the stronger hydra would be.