Introducing FEZ Hydra and other 100% open-source .NET Gadgeteer Offers

GHI Electronics is proudly contributing to the open-source-hardware community and .NET Gadgeteer community. We have released the complete sources for over ten modules and are still adding more. Also, we are introducing FEZ Hydra, the first 100% open-source .NET Gadgeteer mainboard. FEZ Hydra is a powerful 240Mhz ARM9 hardware, enough to even run Linux!

What’s special about the NETMF/Gadgeteer board is that its firmware is compiled with open-source GCC compiler. Which means the community is able to modify and contribute easily. The board is also designed in EAGLE, a low-cost professional PCB design software commonly used with open-source hardware.

An economical price is one of the main goals for FEZ Hydra. It is priced at only $79.95, with a starter kit, for only $99.

FEZ Hydra is currently only offered to community contributors. If you have experience with NETMF Porting Kit, please contact GHI Electronics Preorders starts in December 2011. All design files and source code files will be available in December 2011 as well.

More details on FEZ Hydra are found at
For more information about .NET Gadgeteer visit:

one word: AWESOME

Can you guys please add it to the comparison table? May be a new tab for gadgeteer FEZes.

Very nice!

Please forgive my open source naivety…

Does this mean that all of the source for Hydra port will be avail?

Yes, every bit of its firmware will be open

@ GHI you’re trying to make me go broke this year aren’t you? As if getting engaged wasn’t enough I have to buy 300 pieces of new kit every week. (Slight exaggeration there, but only slight). :stuck_out_tongue:

This is really awesome. Not only that it is OSS/OSH and a good clock speed, but $79 seems like a nice price point for that as well. Congratulations, guys!


I can haz more hourz in mah dayz, so’s I can play wit all da greatz hardwearz, plz?


What exactly does this mean? We (contributing members) can order before general release, or just that a few regulars got a gift?

[edit] ‘fine print’ at the bottom indicates the former. Thanks Gus!

Read the rest of the text on that page :slight_smile:

Note that the comment is for ransomhall not Andre

Here’s a quick & dirty comparison of the features. Some formatting didn’t post well but I’ll fix that later. Feel free to add/correct anything I missed.


No USB host support? I was hoping that was a typo but it seems true. Bummer. :frowning:

@ ianlee74 I didn’t dig into details but it is USB 2.0 on both but hydra is HS 480mbps and spider is FS at 12mbps

The 1.5mbps is used on slow HID devices normally.

@ andre.marschalek my reply was for ransomhall’s question not yours, sorry about the confusion :slight_smile:

Not all users need Ethernet. This kit has the essential modules that you probably use in every project.

Any thoughts of separating the module bundles from the mainboards?

I think the magic words with Hydra are “Gadgeteer”, “Open Source” , “OSH”

“Everything can not have Everything” :wink: - you know what I mean ?

In one of the threads Gus mentioned that there are two new main modules. Even if counting Hydra that means there is at least another one in the oven. ;D

[quote]all that brings me to the question if you plan another mainboard without this negative points

or is gadgeteer the wrong base and chipworx the better board for the future?[/quote]

If you just wait a little be more. 8) It is GHI that you are dealing with. We try our best to listen to you guys.