Interrupt speed?

I am developing some C# code for a keypad to use with the FEZ Dimino . All seems to be going as expected but i having a little problem with how slow it is taking from the time i push a button until i get the interrupt to handle the event. I have to push the button for about 2 seconds before i get the interrupt.The glitch filter time is 20ms. If I continually hold the button down i get an interrupt about every 2 seconds. Does anyone have an ideas on how to speed this process up?


Same test we always suggest to everyone…start new project and only add a button to see how fast it will respond to interrupt. It should be very fast, to the human eye, ti is immediate.

The 2 seconds you are seeing is not normal. You have something setup wrong.

Something is wrong indeed. I hooked up a keypad to my domino a while ago. It was absolutely fast.
Also hooked up a keypad to my cobra, works very fast too.

You should check/post your code to find the answer.

@ farmertom
Could you tell if there is more connected to the board? What? optional share some code?


Another thing which might help: did you hook up a external power supply? If not, please add a external power supply.

Keep us posted :wink:

Thanks for the quick response. You guys are correct (of course). I had a thread.sleep() lurking deep in my code that was slowing things down…All things seem to be working as expected now.
Thanks again for the responses… I am sure you will be hearing from me in the future…
FEZ is great!

Glad you got it to work! Good luck!