Hello, I have been migrating the weather station project by Jason to a Cobra II with Wifi, great practical project to learn with …

The interrupt counts with no change to the pin state? I have checked with my DMM and the pin state changes as expected with the rain meter being operated; but is stable when it is not … so the input works as excepted.

InterruptInput rainMeter; // Interrupt when rain

rainMeter = breakoutTB10_Eight.CreateInterruptInput(GT.Socket.Pin.Three, GlitchFilterMode.Off, ResistorMode.Disabled, InterruptMode.RisingAndFallingEdge);
rainMeter.Interrupt += rainMeter_Interrupt;

void rainMeter_Interrupt(InterruptInput sender, bool value)

your DMM is likely not sensitive enough to see any transitions that are relevant to a microcontroller. Maybe you should try altering the glitch filter to see if that helps.

I can operate the switch on the rain meter so the DMM can see the state change, how do I find documentation to see the options for the parameters and what they do?

Robert, have you got a bias resistor to either Vcc or Gnd from the pin you are interrupting on as well? If mot the pin may float and report interrupts when there are none. I emailed you too.