Interrupt queuing

I understand that hardware interrupts are time stamped and queued in memory until a C# thread can be scheduled to process the interrupt. Is there anyway to know how many interrupts are queued up? I am running on a ChipworkX module so it would take awhile before the memory ran out.


I don’t think there is a way.

I sort of found a way. Its not perfect but for development purposes it tells me if I am able to keep up with the interrupts.

long AvailMemory;

Debug.EnableGCMessages(false);  //Turns off Garbage collection debug messages

AvailMemory =  Debug.GC(False):  //Returns the available memory.  AvailMemory decreases as the queued interrupts accumulate.

More info on Debug.GC

Interesting. I didn’t think about that. Very rough but might give general idea.