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Interrupt Event Timestamp


At what point is the timestamp that is passed to the interrupt event handler recorded.

I want to use this as a stopwatch for a timing system I’m developing and I need to know if it’s going to be consistent, i.e. it is applied in the interrupt service routine, or at the point that the ISR hand control back to NETMF.



Are you talking about interrupt port? Yes it is recorded inside the ISR so it is fairly accurate


Yes, I mean the timestamp passed to the InterruptPort.OnInterrupt event handler.

What is the resolution of the timer on the FEZ Domino?


The tick on any NETMF system (and I think on full .NET) is 100ns, that is 0.1uS


Is the system time updated every tick?


what do you mean by “system time”? The system run at the 100ns tick. Are you talking about real time clock? Yes if you read DateTime.NOW.Tick you will be seeing the actual 100ns tick