INTERNS, holy hell, what did I get into this summer

I just had to explain to a student in our summer program what the “INS” key was for and then I had to explain to him how to use the FN key to use extra functions on the board. What did I get myself into?!

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Dem some green interns you got there.

INS is the instant key, which is used to make opening a program go faster. Right?

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I always knew that using Macs would make people dumb… :shield:


Them there is fighting words Ian!

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Pretty sure kids these days are using Chromebooks. But your comment still applies. :wink:

thankfully it’s not the INS Instant Coffee key - teaching anyone, intern or otherwise, to drink that is baaaaad. #JustJokingJustin

That’s your punishment Gary for all those sideways pictures you posted in the past. Karma. :stuck_out_tongue:

Exactly what you love to do.