Internet possible with PPP and USB-Host?

Hmm, I am just wondering.

Is it possible to connect a 4G USB-stick to a USB-Host module and connect to the Internet when PPP is working?

I guess there might be a problem with power, but can you just but 5v external supply to the pin2 of the Gadgeteer socket?

Assuming they appear as a serial device or com port in the same way as they do on a PC, it should work. Normally they appear as 2 or 3 comports. Under Android for instance, there is one port for PPP and the other is for AT commands. The 3rd is usually audio but most modems don’t support this anyway.

On a PC they are limited to 500mA because of the USB limit.

@ njbuch - That is not possible. PPP only works through one of the built in serial ports on the device. USB Host serial devices are not supported.

Sad, whats the reason for that?

but when we get it

maybe v3 of this will help… who knows…