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Internet Explorer vs Chrome


I’ll probably loose cred by admitting to use Internet Explorer :slight_smile:
But why does the TinyCLR website look wrong in IE and looks perfect in Chrome?

I’m currently at IE 8


It works perfectly in latest IE. What version of IE do you have?


On your IE8, You might probably have the Compatibility View turn on.


You might want to uncheck this button (if checked)


Works fine for me in IE8…


Who uses IE after all ???


A lot of people…

Thats our trouble… Until chrome add’s “ordinary joe” interfacing, IE will continue to dominate…

Our web site was written and tested with chrome, firefox and IE the latter two worked instantly but IE took several days of tweaking before it looked ok on IE8.

Chrome does have a problem printing though…


The company I work for doesn’t support IE for these kinds of issues. It wastes too much dev time. The faster websites drop IE support, the faster people and businesses will convert to something better.


Your absolutely right Foekie.
I had the compability settings set to Display all websites in Compability View, -whats up with this??


I figured it out and its fixed in IE.


The fact is that the majority of web surfing is done with IE. If you’re not building your site to support IE then you making a huge mistake.


So far, nobody has complained.


Chris, did you ever seen someone complaining about this kind of problems then?
When people sees this problem and go’s away without looking again, i think.


I am a die hard Firefox and Chrome user, but unfortunately we can only use IE (6) at work.

When I went to TechEd I went to a presentation on IE9, Microsoft have finally caught up with the other browsers (About time) as far as compatibility and speed. So hopefully when the crowds move to IE9 we shouldn’t see so many issues when designing web sites to be compatible across different browsers.


@ Erisan500

It might come as a shock to you but IE is still the dominant browser

So if customers turn away because of a webpage not working in IE it’s a problem.


The current problem is the bugs inside internet explorer.
You will have to use numeral fixes before even getting a somewhat good looking comparison between for example chrome and IE.

I HOPE microsoft finally fixed those bugs, which sometimes date back from IE6 ???