International shipping

I have the shipping state as in picture for days now.
Is this normal for shipping to Germany?
Anyone from Europe who order at GHI recently?
I placed my order on 15th. of December.

Hi there, I see this all the time if you use USPS. Once it leaves the US there is not a lot of tracking. Occasionally it may say “arrived at overseas country for delivery” but that is about as good as it gets with USPS, for me anyway.

At my end its the same, but when I copy the shipping number to my local “post office” to track a parcel, I see more info. So when you know the local company who delivers the parcel you get more infos.

@ jp_miata - That was a good tip, but unfortunately It has only 1 more entry which is 1 minute later: “Packet is shipped to other country”. :frowning:

On Sunday I placed 2 orders at European distributors, so I have one set of MedusaMini with needed modules here by the end of the week (at least I hope so, with my luck I get one of the two. Each one on it’s own is useless for me). Some times I’ll need it anyway. But the Cobra II and TE35 are too expensive to order twice atm.
I wanted the MedusaMini kit, but the only European distributor who has it is French, and the language switching on it’s website is broken (or not implemented, even that the little Flags are there). I don’t want to order it ‘blindly’.

If it goes on like this, GHI gets rich and I have nothing :wink:

So my destination is Austria, last time I have ordered something at Mouser, I ordered it on friday evening and was delivered on tuesday. It was shipped from texas, US with fedex priority.

The Austria in Africa or the one in Asia :smiley: (just kidding).

Unfortunately I had no other choice than USPS to get the free shipping option.

Was your kidding triggered by this : [quote=“jp_miata”]was delivered on thuesday.[/quote]

Shipping to Canada was unusually quick (lots of snow for the dog sled must help), ordered the afternoon of the 23rd and it arrived today, however unfortunately to the gate guard who knows that my current project doesn’t involve devices. Can we have a shipping option to NOT release delivery to people wearing side arms and/or wives?

@ Duke Nukem - Canada is not really international :slight_smile: Even immigration to the US is at Toronto airport.

Since my package was sent on 19th evening to Germany, I assume it’s ‘shipped’ in the original meaning of the word (by Ship, via Asia … Africa … South America … back to US, Canada … loaded on a Ice breaker which gets stuck in the Arctic see … to Santa: so with a little luck I get it next XMas :smiley:

hmmm I haven’t meant anyone wearing his wife let alone wives… I wonder what it’s like to use a wife as armor :)… I guess you meant to say knives :slight_smile: or you really meant not to release it to the Wives…?

I ordered some items at Watterott. If something is not listed in the catalog, ask them directly. They will try to help you.

I know, I did that too in the past, but this also takes a while. And I wanted to use my XMas holidays to work on the project.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier -
Hi Reinhard, what do you need urgently, perhaps I can borrow you something.

MedusaMini, N18, Temp&Humidity, RS485 and USB SP
But I’ve ordert an additional set at Antratec and the Chech shop (eu micor tghingy)
Both have shipped it already so I should get it on Thursday or Friday.
But thank you anyway.
btw. where are you from? Send a private message if you like.

Finally all my orders have arrived in Germany. Unfortuenately I will be on a short trip when they arrive, and nobody is at home to accept them :frowning:
@ GHI you can stop any investigatin according to my message via the contact form.

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - the german distributor Watterott answered me that he will order every part from the ghi catalog, not only the in his webshop listed one. maybe this is an easier way next time

@ VB-Daniel - I know Watterott does this.
But originally I wanted to catch the YearEndSale2013.
But this shipping was stuck some where, so I wanted some extra parts from distributors who have it on stock in Europe.
But these where even worse. Sending it out late, forwarder handles it really slow.
This is the total shipping nightmare.
I wanted to work on this over my XMas holidays I have off. But they are nearly over, we go to a short family trip next week. Then back to work. Nothing is done on the project