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Internal rtc - hardware


Dear Sir

I want to developt a project using the USBIZI RTC HARDWARE. I will read this RTC using the PC USB. The PC USB will power up and power off the USBIZI all the days.
Will i have problems with RTC ? (if the RTC will delayed, or stop or loose the time ?) I will use battery, of course.


Miguel Wisintainer


The purpose of the battery is to retain time when the main power is removed. The RTC will keep the correct time.


But, powering up and down many times (365 times year), will the time delayed, or loose the time ? or change the time ? or stop the time.

I ask this because i didnt get good experience with DS1307 chip (rtc)




RTC run 100% independently from the processor. you can power up and down and do whatever you want and the RTC will not be affected.



Thank you very much Gus and team!