Intermittent silent failures

Are there any known issues that might explain why code that previously ran fine just seems to no longer work? I’m seeing an odd situation where code that has been tested umpteen times just no longer does anything, stops generating output.

Of course this could be my own fault, so I’m not saying it isn’t but I have spent the past 45 mins retesting and stuff and the situation is very odd.

The catalyst seemed to be when a test app stopped referencing another project and instead references it as a nuget package, but that alone doesn’t seem to be all that’s going on.

It’s as if something gets upset and even a reset and repowering of the board doesn’t fix it nor does using the config tool to erase the app.

So I was just curious if this is known, if this sometimes happens to others?

It’s conceivable that the issue is caused by me having a disposable object that has handles to Linux objects and because my debug session is often just aborted, ended, the dispose never takes place and so this means that state of the system when I re-debug is not quite what it should be, but I assumed erasing an app using config tool would reset all this…

No look:

I erased everything, repowered the board and checked and it was looking OK, no trace of any app. Then I started to debug “SpitfireSample” again this failed to produce an expected output so I looked again at the app and see that there’s mention of an unrelated project “EndpointTesting” yet the “SpitfireSample” is completely distinct from that other project.

Why would publishing “SpitfireSample” see “EndpointTesting” appear in the app list? it’s as if the erase operation isn’t doing what’s expected and that somehow traces remain of the previously installed app…

Did you use Erase App from EP tool config?

Did you deploy “EndpointTesting” before? Or do you mean this is weird project name that you have never deployed before?


Yes I used the config tool’s erase feature. I think I understand why that other app was there, when we publish and debug on the board, I think it copies whatever it finds in the folder, like whatever .EXE pr DLL files are there, you just copy them to the target board.

In my case I copied a folder tree and renamed some folders in doing so my build output folders still contained EXE/DLL files from that older project.

So that explains why these files were there but even after manually deleting these from the bin/Debug folder, I’m still seeing these other files in the config tool’s app listing so what exactly governs which files get copied over when we publish/debug?

Deploying doesn’t erase target folder. It overwrites files if they are existed, and don’t touch other files. Whatever you deployed before, they are still there, even you deleted bin folder from PC.

Only way to clean them is use Erase from tool.

It is not hard to add erasing everything before deploying a new build, but it will slow down deploying progress and we don’t see benefits of this. Click on Erase whenever you want.

OK I understand that and it’s reasonable I think. But how does the deploy step decide what files to deploy? Does it simply copy over every DLL and/or EXE that might be in the projects output folder?

It copies everything in publish folder, and this is one of sub folder inside output folder.

Everything inside this folder is needed for project to run, except you manually copy something into it.