Interesting video on the psychology of taking risks


It reminds me of my Finance classes, which I loved so much. It is all about risk lovers and risk averse. I would agree to do a single bet of $20 to $10 :slight_smile:

@ iamin - I probably would of just did the 10 for 10…lol

The bet is at even odds. Repeating this bet multiple times would result in a draw.

I would not participate. No reward for the risk.

Not true when he offers more than $10 and more than one chance. Then you are almost guaranteed a reward.

@ ianlee74 - I did not watch the whole video. If I am offered odds in my favor I will participate.

so Gary did you see that thru the Amp Hour and the learning video ? I’ve just discovered Veritasium that way…

@ Mike - Some parts of the video he went up to 50 to 10

@ Brett - Actually, someone sent me a text to check it out.

The expected value isn’t everything.

Imagine you only had $10 to feed yourself for the week. Would the benefit out way the risk then?

I liked some of his other video’s too.

That’s what I found interesting, the different levels of possible risks and rewards before someone would bet.