Interesting STM32 breakout with Ethernet PHY


I’m still a bit surprised on the selling price. With most of them being produced in China, I would have expected a lower price.

MII ethernet PHY chips start at <$2 in ones…

Cerb40 is made in the USA :slight_smile: proudly for sure.


Suggestion for GHI hat?


Gus, just to clarify, I was not pointing my finger at you guys.

You can be damn proud about your products !!

I am sure you didn’t. Do not worry :slight_smile:

It must be a fez hat.

If at some point in the future there comes a time when all the community members can get together, everyone should wear a Fez. :slight_smile:

I bet you it will happen and we will take a lot of pictures.

FEZcon! or FEZexpo! … yep already in future plans.