Interesting SOM for porting TinyCLR to

This looks like and interesting SOM that would benefit from being TinyCLR’d.

Agree. Are you up for a fun challenge? I think you can use a lot of the G400 code to get started.

Hi Gus. I am keen to have a go but so damn busy just now. I might grab a dev kit from Element14 and have a go at this in my spare time (not that I get much of that these days either)
I have to wait a few weeks as they don’t have stock until middle of June.

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Mouser has EK board for ATSAMA5D27 SOM1 for about € 200 + VAT…

awesome price, by half you can have a 64 bit Windows 10 IoT Core board with WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS and more

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Yes, the Evaluation Kit board is expensive, but the SOC itself is € 46,49 + VAT (single piece), including power management logic, reset circuitry and clocks, qspi flash, eeprom and so on.
This is a very powerful chip for TinyCLR, still interesting SCM option …
I don’t know anything, anyway, about complexity of the software porting…

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that does not make it much better :grinning:

@Kevin_Flint Kevin it is more powerful than G400S SCM, and 30% less price :thinking:

i did not compare it with G400, may be its “better” than this (certainly), i compared it with other types of board (range of Windows 10 IoT Core)

@Kevin_Flint… oh yes, looking in this perspective… you are absolutely right. :scream: