Interesting idea - cicret

Wearable “phone”

If you think this is possible, you should first read this:

Interesting how they didn’t simulate the giant shadows cast by the fingers…


Yeah, all they need to do is invented the technology.

That projector that can project black light will be interesting.

As always, ideas a cheap, implimentation is hard.

Nice CGI (well, actually in some places it’s a bit sloppy, but I’m willing to be generous), but utterly impossible to make work the way they show.

Yeah, I’m being “that guy”.

Using a “touch” interaction, which is what most of the video seems to show, would block the picoprojector, so you would lose a significant swath of the “screen”. Not to mention that trying to get an even projection from that angle is a herculean task. Oh, and what about different skin tones or long-sleeve shirts?

I’ve seen a number of concepts built around the idea of projecting a UI onto some body part, and I find none of them the least bit compelling, mostly because they are simply attempting to map an existing UX paradigm onto another surface, which makes no sense to me.

I’m still waiting for a wearable that makes some sort of sense. This isn’t it.

Sorry for the rant. :-[

Ha! Forget projecting onto the skin. Let’s go Total Recall and project out of the skin!

You guys no fun. Should have waited a little bit at least. :smiley:

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@ godefroi - Ouch, that was a brutal read…

Projecting onto the skin is pretty much harder than you can imagine.

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That one is awesome…as an experiment and art via technology exhibit.

I recall there was a similar one done by a car company for an auto show…projecting onto a fabric cover on a vehicle.

In both cases, the key is tightly-controlled and optimal conditions. Meaning they’re both completely impractical in real-world use.

But still exceedingly cool. :smiley:

@ devhammer I think you’re talking about this one (although it’s not a great version of the video it was the best I could quickly find)

@ Bec a Fuel - Very cool!

@ Brett - Yup. That’s the one. I was too lazy to search for it…and I figured someone else might remember it or be motivated to post it. :wink:

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@ Brett - Not the same show, but this one is pretty impressive, too:

But I have NO idea how they make the cut from the fabric-covered projection to the uncovered car. Perhaps an edit, since it’s not clear if this was recorded before a live audience.

And here’s a much better version of the X5 video:

Sorry, yeah, not projecting on the skin so much as projecting on the skin (hand/arm) from the wrist.

You do notice, however, that she has no ambient light on her face :slight_smile:

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