Interesting I2C tester

If you are getting headache due to i2c bus… this can be an interesting low cost solution …


I like it. Have you tried it?

Hi Gus, I havent yet in my hand and I didn’t tested myself.
Not available in my country at the moment.
I see now that Cool Components from UK has few in stock. I will get one for sure. It can be really helpful, just for €24.

what function is this hardware
or did this ones was different from (or similiar to those)


just asked (because i don’t know on hardware side to much :slight_smile: ) ??

@valon_hoti_gmail_com, the i2cdriver board is an interesting tester for i2c bus with some digital analyzer features. The card you show is for driving serial buses from PC-Usb, that can be used anyway as an analyzer with external LA.

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  • thank you now i understand differences -