Interesting board Gertbot

This board seems interesting

This board, apart from the Raspberry direct interface, is rs232 driven, so may be interesting also for .netmf interfacing to use various motor applications. It’s a pity that it uses an Atmel Cortex-M3 chip on board with not-user-programmable firmware (no public domain).

Also interesting:

“or example, your Pi with the GertBot attached can operate 30,000 led lights. Which should be enough for anybody.”

I think @ Devhammer might disagree as to how many blinky LEDs are “enough” :slight_smile:


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Pfft! How are you going to make a robotic jumbotron with only 30,000 LEDs?

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@ devhammer - but you can chain 4 boards so … 120000 is near to enough also for mazinga z.
I think you can hav good price for 120000 LEDs batch

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