Interesting, anyone have more info?

+1 for Satya. Ballmer went off the rails there, in my opinion. Go back to doing what they are great at.

I have been reading

It looks like we indeed wants to focus on developers and devices, but I see it being a huge transformation that is going to take years.

It might even take so many years that windows 11 is running on an AA battery powered nut-sized unit.

I’m starting to wonder if the whole IT process has come off the rails. When I look at real value, perceived value, cost of development and expertise required etc I’m starting to think that the disconnect has never been larger which just is so wrong for something as mature as IT, as we have been doing this for a long time and I’m not sure we are improving in fact in a lot of ways we might be regressing.

@ duke - Can you elaborate more. Not sure I understand completely.

Yes. Unfortunately. One step forward, one step backward. Faster hardware? Add yet another layer of software to compensate for the speed increase. Better development environments? Change them every year to compensate for the higher productivity. Better library abstractions? Release a new one every year, before people get on top of the learning curve. Best bet for writing portable code: C and JavaScript??? Wtf. And so on…