Intel Compute Stick

Here is an interesting little device that Intel snuck out at CES this year. A computer on a stick quad-core Atom Z3735F processor, a Bay Trail CPU typically found in Intel-powered Android tablets. The Windows 8.1 version offers 32GB of storage and 2GB of RAM – if you need more room, I was told that the microSD card slot on the right side can support cards of up to 128GB. In short if you have a display with a HDMI port you got a Windows 8.1 computer.


I read about those a couple days ago. They could have some really interesting uses if the price is right. If the price was right, I could see getting a gross of them to preload with VS to use for Gadgeteer workshops. If all the location had to provide were monitors, keyboards, & mice a lot of the difficulties would be solved that I’ve run into.

As I recall from the article I read, they are also making a version with lower specs that will run Linux.

I think this is the same thing, only without the fancy packaging: