Innovation has stalled

…while i slum it on the youngsters summer school camp.

I had to suffer the indignity of a 1hr boat trip out to the Poor Knights marine reserve (Jacques Cousteau rated the Islands as one of the top ten dive spots in the world)…

Then they really too the mick and made me go on a stand up paddle board which of course ended with me in the drink within 5 seconds of trying to stand up.

After floundering around like a beached whale we got to snorkel with the incredibly beautiful sea life including seals, golden snapper, blue mau mau, rainbow whatsits and heaps of other colourful species.

Very very cool.

Next it was back to land and off to Matapouri to base camp.

Then i had to man up and go for a wilderness hike with the midgets…

Which ended up with more splashing in the Pacific pond and some beach cricket at Whale Bay…

Sux to be me :rofl:

Righto - back to embedded innovation…


Yea dude, falling into that blue filth must not have been cool. Glad to see you’re ok though :rofl:

Come and do this in Bali and you can swim with the plastic fish too :frowning:

enough pictures for wallpaper on my pc

  • very very beautiful pictures,

and remember me in which SAD place i live :frowning:

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I do not like you right now. I am heading out to shovel the snow!!


Nice spot!

Nice pics Justin, you live in a wonderful Country. I just returned from a few days down in Melbourne, and saw some similar places… but back to Canada now and shoveling snow along with Gus lol!

You should have visited us over the pond rather than Oz as nothing in NZ is trying to eat or sting you :joy:

Next time Justin, you’re North Island, right? Napier area?

Whangarei Google Maps

you live on a tree farm?

Most of NZ is a tree farm - when they’re not sheep farms…

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Baaaaaaaaaa a :yum:

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Brett, now you have gotten Justin excited…

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