Initialize and Mount MMC/SD


Is there any specific wait time before reading the response of IU0: ?

I evaluated the command using serial interface to check if the USB drive is as per spec and it works, however when in I2C mode, I do not get a response even after wait time time of more than a second.

Please advice.

Does I2C work with V command? Repeated?

Yes, I just verified it.

I send the ‘V’ command twice and it gave me back a valid response of v1.0.8 (0x76 0x31,0x2E,0x31,0x2E,0x30,0x2E,0x38,0x0A) followed by !00, where is actually sent back as 0x30,0x30.

I’m able to send TS command (Initialize Real Time Clock and Date) and also Sddddtttt command and get error free responses.


This is very strange as serial and I2C are exactly identical.