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Information about memory consumption


I think I have read through the forum and documentation thoroughly, but I can not find any information about how to get information regarding memory consumption.

  • Is it possible to get static information about application/assembly size after build?
  • Is it possible to get static information about available flash-memory after download to Domino?
  • Is it possible to get runtime information about available/consumed RAM?



Not now but it has been implemented in 4.1 coming in near future

No but why do you need that?

See Debug.GC


Information about available flash memory is simply to know how much space is available for my application. I guess that this is quite stable but might vary between updates of the firmware?


For now, you can see these printed when you connect through MFDeploy and reset FEZ.


Ok, thanks a lot!

BTW, the Domino and the development environment is really impressive and very nice to work with!


The region reserved for your application (deployment) is fixed in size. Our firmware will not effect the deployment region. At least we try to keep it the same size. I think it is about 100KB which means you will probably never fill it using just code! If you write code that fills out flash then you are my hero! I would love to see what application that needed so much coding :slight_smile: