INFO Only: Spider would not boot

This is intended for information only.

Using Firmware (Not blaming the firmware. As I said - Info only)

For some reason I powered on my spider loaded with a previously running application and it would not boot.

Message on LCD ‘Waiting for debug commands’ (Or something close to that)

No matter what I did I could not deploy any application to the Spider. Deploy always failed.

I used the new GHI_NETMF_Configuration_Toolv003.exe (Nice work guys!) to erase the existing application and reinstall the firmware.

The Spider sat there with the same mesage on power up… ‘Waiting for debug commands’

Yes… the Debuggable .Net Micro Framework Device was showing in the Device manager.
However it would come and go while trying to deploy from Visual Studio.

I spun wheels along time … getting nowhere

I finally made a new application with NO modules except for usbClientDP.
I even removed the Debug.Print(“Program Started”); statement.

Guess what! BINGO…
The bare-bones application deployed and I restarted the Spider from power on.

The ‘Waiting for debug commands’ was goen and the Spider is now up and running.

I had the same problem.
My way:

  • recompile glide
  • delete files in bin\
  • delete files in obj
    recompile my projekt and deploy, every thing works
    seems to be a probem if not all parts compiled with the new sdk