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This morning my Spider began rebooting in an endless loop at power up.

The Spider had deployed code that was previously running OK last night. (In fact… running OK for several days)

I found out what caused the problem but NOT why!

Anyway, for some reason, there seems to be some conflict between the Aux power supply connected to my Spider and the power supply powering my USB Hub.

Either will work alone but not together? All I can say is that both have been working together for along time without any problems.

I need the Aux power supply for the Spider because it is ‘loaded’ with modules…

I have checked each power supply for voltage and for any AC Ripple. Both power supplies appear to be normal.

Thought I’d let others know…

Maybe tomorrow things will be different.

‘yall come back now ya hear’ …


What is your DP module version number?


@ Gus -

USB Client 1.2

I have two of the modules and they both do the same…

Been OK until today?

As a note: I tried two different power supplies for the Spider. Same thing.

No expert on the subject but it appears that somehow it does not let the GHI .NET Micro Framework USB Debugging Interface load…
Using the WinUSB driver


That old version is no longer made. It had a problem that is extremely rare to happen. If USB voltage is exactly the same as the power adapter voltage then the output voltage oscillates. You can fix it by simply going to a different USB port/hub.