Industrial NETMF

IoT enabled of course :slight_smile:


The RF Chip is interchangeable so until a good 802.11s chip is found were sticking to remote nodes reporting back to a master base which provides the IOT interface.

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@ Justin - That is some kind of killer looking case. Stainless? And is that an RJ-45?

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@ terrence - Aluminium, bottom is milled from 20mm, top from 10mn

Yes it is a RJ45 but it’s for IO and not networking.

Hi Justin

The Synapse Wireless modules are great. Both myself and Andre have used them in the past. How do you find them compared to say the Xbee modules? IMO, they have so much potential, if only Synapse would enhance the python support and add >8bit math. You forget just how annoying it is when 255 is the biggest number you can use.

The case looks great too. Nothing says quality like a custom CNC’d aluminium case. Except perhaps and anodised one.


@ hagster - I have only had limited exposure to the Synapse modules but from my usage and client feedback they appear to be much better than xBee so I will be using them a lot more in anger in upcoming projects.

The case was to be anodised in blue but I ran out of time for this first one as the client was jumping on a plane so it went out au naturel.

I will be doing more CNC’d NETMF based projects in future to better showcase the technology.

I wish I could get stuff like that made here but companies in this country are crap for customer facing support and even initial contact is bad. Importing is fine but it adds 30% to the cost due to high duty, VAT and income tax costs (yeah, they add 7.5% income tax to all imports) :frowning:

I work with a company in Singapore and one of the guys there uses NZ for all his machining works. Cost and quality are so much better he says.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Yeah the joys of VAT, GST and the like…

On my end I am lucky as I have access to a factory full of toys including…CNC’s mills, lathes, spark erodes, wire cutters, surface grinders etc…

@ Dave McLaughlin - You can buy a decent CNC these days for about $1000. Heck, that’s about the same as the shipping costs for an Amazon Echo to your country :wink:

I’ve not seen any machines in Indonesia for that price and with living in an apartment block, I don’t have the space for it either.

I’d love to have a house with a big garage to house all that stuff but security is difficult around this place. A few people I know who live in a house have been burgled a few times. :frowning:

@ Dave McLaughlin - Hmm, so, why not offering a cloud based security service so people can monitor their house and trace their belongings that matter wherever they are ?

With as much as possible GHI hardware of course …

Edit: and for the really small things … well, talk to Justin …

Even if we could find it, the police here won’t lift a finger to help unless they get a cut from the returned goods… :frowning:

you’re moving, aren’t you ?

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@ Brett - Dave’s got probably a good old single malt to get over it, IF it would happen … slainte Mhath …

That is the plan but not until early next year now. Few things to sort out this end first.

PS… I will be in Aussie in October for the race at Bathurst. The wife just got her visa this morning so we are headed down under around the 2nd of Oct. :slight_smile:

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Forza 6 is apparently h-o-t for realism around Mt P. I thought it was awesome on Forza 5.

I have an iRacing subscription so I regularly run the new generation V8’s around MP and it’s very realistic. My best time so far is 2:14.9 so still a while away from the 2:06 of the real car times which might be quicker this year as they have allowed a change in the rear end ratio.