Increased display offerings from GHI Electronics!

In recent years we have been providing plug-n-play Gadgeteer display modules ranging in sizes from 1.8 inch up to a capacitive touch 7 inch. To complete the display ecosystem for our customers we have added displays that you can incorporate into your circuit board designs!

We did not stop there, we have also lowered the price of the Display CP7 Module, one of our most popular display modules. The new price is an amazing $174.95!

1.8 Inch Display :
3.5 Inch Display :
4.3 Inch Display :
7 Inch No-Touch Display :
7 Inch Capacitive Touch Display :
Display CP7 Module :


How would you mount the displays?

Is the only physical mounting aspect the solder connections?

Like any other displays. Doubleside sticking tape is one way for example.

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For the resistive touch types, I create a cavity on the rear of the front panel to which the LCD fits into. The recommended mounting is with a thin gasket between the LCD and the panel but I have found that with careful consideration to the opening being designed the right size to avoid the contact area of the touch screen, I have not had any issues mounting direct to the metal panel.

I then use a PCB on the rear of the LCD with mounting studs on the panel that will sandwich the LCD into place. The PCB then has the connector for the LCD and the backlightand interface to the processor etc. Basically the same idea as the Gadgeteer LCD modules except I use a FPC cable to the main board. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the info.

Hopefully I have project to include one of these displays!

Is this ribbon cable that can be slid in and out of the connector? Or is it a permanent connection to the board?

The smallest display appears to have a solderable ribbon cable. I’m pretty sure others require a socket.

@ Simon from Vilnius - Correct the 1.8 display has to be soldered the rest are ribbon cables.

I use a 40 way connector similar to the type used to connect the LCD fpc connection. It’s cheaper than IDC connectors and does not require any cable to connector makeup. Ideal for low volume products that I sell.

Noticed the price drop, bought too early. :frowning:

Can we get proper PDF datasheets to download?

I am trying to use the 4.3" information to design the cutout in the panel and I can’t copy the image file. It only gives me the HTM option when I save as.

I’m not sure about the original PDF, but as a temporary work-around you can use print screen or a screen grabber utility (I use screenhunter 6.0 version).

You can save the images if this helps.

The enlarged images you get when you click on the small images are not save-able unless you know html and pick apart the anchor for the image and/or know how to use some browsers’ media extractors to pull out the image. Perhaps we should consider (don’t know how hard it would be) to add a “Save” button to the enlarged images?

You can open the images full size in a new tab. Either Ctrl+Click, or right click and “open in new tab”

Win 7 and above has a built in tool for this, look for Snipping Tool in your programs.

@ FireyFate - thanks for all the tips, the open image in another window/tab is especially handy

Thanks, I’ll give it a try.

@ Gary - Is the 4.3 Inch Display the same as the one previously sold some time back? I have one that I used with my original Cobra. Thanks

It is different and incompatible with one sold about 2 years ago

Thanks Gus…guess that one will stay on my original Cobra :slight_smile: