Incorrect CAN DW Module overview

The Overview on the GHI site for the CAN DW Module lists 3.3V on pin 1 and leaves off 5V on pin 2. The schematic indicates use of the 5V pin, not the 3.3V pin. This caused only minor frustration when trying to wire one up, but I thought I’d point it out.

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Yes the little diagram shows only 3v3 and not 5v, and GHI could update this. “Advanced” users (people who are wiring things themselves) are probably the only ones affected and can unravel it as you did :slight_smile: But good catch !

@ bigtwisty - The overview is the correct voltage. The schematic however had the wrong part listed and was actually the 1.2 schematic vs the current 1.3 module available. The new schematic should be up online with the correct voltage and part number. The correct chip is SN65HVD230x which uses a 3.3V power supply. If there is doubt as to which voltage to use, look at the chip on the module, and if it is SN65HVD230x, it uses 3.3V. Any other chip will more than likely use 5V (but please consult the datasheet).