In Gadgeteer 2013 R2 install where is Fez Config?


I’ve installed the Gadgeteer 2013 R2, which from site documentation, should contain the Fez Config tool.

Having installed on my Windows 8 machine I can’t find fez config. Searching the program files directories fails to turn anything up. There are no ‘desktop icons’ or start menu entries.

Please can some one direct me - I have a large number of Spirders to update :slight_smile:


Thanks for your fast response. However, I was looking for a Fez Config with a version greater than 1.3.

On the linked directory I can only see legacy updaters and what appears to be an alpha version of a configuration tool.

What am I missing?

What you see on the downloads page is the latest version publicly available. The documentation was recently changed to reflect both the current FEZ Config and the one that will be released with the upcoming SDK. That should be very soon. We’re in the midst of testing the final release build. Sorry for causing the confusion.