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I see that IFU is going to be supported on the Cobra soon. How much of the device will it be able to update?

Reason I ask is because I like to keep my Cobra in it’s enclosure, but when it’s in there I can’t reach the three buttons to boot it up into the boot loader menu. if I had IFU, I was hoping I could just reflash Tinybooter and the firmware with that and not have ot mess with taking the enclosure apart.


I can’t say just yet but I know you will love it :wink:


Ok, thanks Gus, Can’t wait!

On a similar topic, does anyone know if a good way to add material to striped self taping threads? That’s one of the reason IFU is important to me. I’m worried I’m taking my Cobra in and out of it’s enclosure too much. I don’t want to strip the threads on the case, but if I do, I wonder if I could fix it by pouring a bit of glue or something on the inside wall of the threads…


Lol JB weld :>


Ah, I knew it! I was thinking either JB weld or CA glue, but I think CA glue would just wick out. JBW should work though, if I ever to screw up the, threads.


When you are starting screws back into a threaded plastic hole always turn them backwards first! Really, turn the screw backwards slowly until you feel it seat into the existing threads, now stop and turn the other way. This lets the screw get lined up with the existing threads instead of cutting new ones.


That’s what I have been doing, but it still feels like I’m slowly striping them. Or at least the screws get lighter and lighter every time I assemble it. Eventually I’ll just spread of JB weld on the sides of the screw hols and cut brand new threads, I guess.


I usually put a drop of hot glue in the hole and that fixes it.


That would also work. That seems like it would be the best option since it would mean that the glue could be scraped out if it was overdone.


and you can do it over and over!